7 Video Games Out This Week: ‘Heroes of the Storm’ and More

It’s a relatively quiet time of year, but lots of gamers are wrapped up in recent big titles like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Splatoon. Nothing as big as either of those is launching this week, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be twiddling your thumbs if you’re in the market for a new game.

A handful of titles are set to launch across a variety of genres and platforms, and many of them look quite promising. Whether you’re into role-playing games, amoral shooters, or multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs), you’re sure to find something to play this week. Read on to find out what games are launching between May 31 and June 6, 2015.

1. Massive Chalice

June 1 for Windows and Mac

In this tactical strategy game, you play as the Immortal Ruler who’s responsible for defending your nation against the Cadence, a relentless and formidable enemy, in a war that lasts hundreds of years. To do so, not only do you control the battles, but you also get to guide the bloodlines of your heroes, marrying them together to create the next generation of warriors. It sounds like a unique take on the strategy genre, so check it out if that’s your kind of game.

2. Hatred

June 1 for Windows

If any game can be considered a provocation, Hatred is it. This title made a small splash last year with its trailer, which showed a maniac going on a homicidal rampage against innocent civilians. That’s the premise of the game, which gets tougher as more cops show up to stop your slaughter. It probably won’t appeal to you if you’re a reasonable person and/or over the age of 15, but the developers tried their hardest to provoke outrage as a form of marketing.

3. Heroes of the Storm

June 2 for Windows and Mac

Based on decades of incredible titles, it’s clear that Blizzard knows how to design a winning game. The latest piece of software to come out of the Warcraft company’s creative minds is Heroes of the Storm, a MOBA that acts as a fine entry point for people who have never touched a MOBA.

It has a decent number of heroes to choose from and plenty of strategy to cook up with your teammates during matches. But the most inviting part might be that the matches are only about 20 minutes long, as opposed to the 40- to 60-minute matches you’ll find in games like League of Legends and Dota 2.

4. Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven

June 2 for Nintendo 3DS

Set on a tropical island, this game centers on an innkeeper named Luchs who leads a quiet life until he happens to dig up a maiden encased in crystal. This sets off a whole game’s worth of dramatic events that involve many strategic battles. The unique twist on the combat is that you’re always trying to line the enemies up so you can “bowl” them over with your attacks. It sounds like a promising handheld adventure, so keep an eye out for reviews.

5. The Escapists

June 3 for PS4

Breaking out of jail has never been more adorable than it is in The Escapists, a pixel-art game with cops and criminals so cute you could just pinch their little cheeks. You play as the prisoner who masterminds the entire escape. As you do your plotting, you can work in a number of jobs at the prison to earn money and craft tools to aid in your getaway.

The game comes with six prisons and offers six different methods of escaping, from digging a tunnel to inciting a riot. It may look cute, but don’t let that trick you into thinking it’s a piece of cake.

6. The Adventures of Pip

June 4 for Wii U, Windows, and Mac

This Kickstarted game stars a hero of hardly any proportions at all. In his most basic form he’s a single pixel in a 32-bit world. His special ability is that he can absorb the pixels of his slain enemies, which he can then use to evolve into two other forms. Which form you’ll need to take depends on the puzzles and obstacles in your way. It looks like a fun, colorful, retro-style action platformer.

7. D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die

June 5 for Windows

If you’re looking for a bizarre game to play, D4 has you covered. You control David Young, a private detective who plots revenge against the people who killed his wife and left him with a bullet in his head. The twist? He can also travel through time. The idea is to point and click your way through this adventure game, collecting clues and eventually confronting the bad guys. It scored well with reviewers when it was released on Xbox One, so it’s worth a look on PC.

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