Adobe Enters This Incredibly Over-Crowded Market

When most people think of Adobe (NASDAQ:ADBE), they immediately think Photoshop and Flash. However, Adobe wants you to know that it’s a digital marketing company as well. TechCrunch reports that Adobe revealed a new social marketing tool called Adobe Social on Tuesday, a program to help retailers track activity through various social media avenues. The announcement comes just a day after Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) announced that it would be adding social media reports to Google Analytics.

Adobe actually already has a social analytic program called appropriately Adobe Social Analytics, but Product Director Matt Langie says that Adobe Social is more comprehensive. Langie says that a flaw with the competition is that many of the existing analytics tools focus on just one social media site or a specific subset of information while Adobe Social is “the first solution to integrate all of the key roles and responsibilities in social marketing.” One major feature that both Google Analytics and Adobe Social are advertising is the ability for merchants to track whether or not social network traffic actually leads to purchases on their websites.

Adobe also made a number of other announcements at the Adobe Digital Summit. The most remarkable of which is that the company is now promising “predictive marketing” across their suite of marketing products. This means that rather than just using historical data to make decisions, Adobe will allow retailers to look at future scenarios, such as “If we change our marketing mix to X, we can expect results of Y.”

Adobe also released a beta of Photoshop CS6 today. Here’s how ADBE shares are reacting to the week of news releases:

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