An Apple-Made TV? All These People Will Buy It

Is Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) listening to its consumers? The company has not come out to either confirm or deny rumors that it has a new full-fledged, industry-changing television set in production, but potential buyers are already mightily interested in the phantom product. According to a new Quixel Research survey, 88 percent of current Apple customers said they would be interested in buying said device. Among non-Apple owners who were users of a flat-panel TV, 80 percent said they would be extremely, very, or somewhat interested in an Apple television.

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Consumers were asked how interested they would be in an Apple-made television set that is easy to use, has a straightforward interface, can connect to other products of the company, and has Apple-like design qualities.

“This potential Apple (interactive TV) would affect the whole ecosystem of the home, as well as the mobile device environment,” Quixel’s Tamaryn Pratt said. According to Pratt, about 30 percent of those surveyed own smart TVs but mostly use them for one-time access to content such as movies. That leaves a huge potential for manufacturers to devise ways so users can merge home and mobile content.

Quixel also asked consumers what they would look for in an Apple television. About 80 percent responders said they would want it to be able to connect to Wi-Fi, while 73 percent said they wanted access through it to cloud storage. Interestingly, features such as a Siri-like voice command control, gesture control, and 3-D were evaluated as least interesting.

Quixel surveyed 1,169 current and potential flat-screen TV owners as a response to high speculation that started after co-founder Steve Jobs was quoted saying the company had figured out the television industry. At the moment, Apple sells a set-top box-like product called Apple TV for $99 that can connect to iTunes and stream content from the web.

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