Apple and Microsoft Lay This Dispute to Rest

Following a dispute from last December, it appears that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) have put disagreements aside and moved on, and evidence of this could be in the appearance of a Microsoft SkyDrive app in Apple’s iOS app store.

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The two companies faced off over in-app subscription fees for Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage service,¬†AppleInsider reported. Around the end of last year,¬†Microsoft confirmed it was experiencing a “delay in approval” of the updated version of SkyDrive for iOS, and said it was “in contact with Apple” in hopes of finding a solution. Now, with no word as to what changed or was moved around behind the scenes, the SkyDrive app is live for iPad and iPhone users.

The update includes support for the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini platforms, as well as some other perks including the ability to download full resolution photos to your iPhone or iPad, improved support that makes it easier to open and upload SkyDrive files with other iOS apps, the option to control upload/download photo size, and the capability to retain photo metadata when uploading to SkyDrive.

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Rumors circulated that the dispute centered around in-app subscription fees, and Microsoft was said to balk at Apple’s demands for 30 percent. The presence of SkyDrive in the app store does not necessarily mean the companies have worked out the arrangements over Microsoft Office 365, which would allow iOS users to access several applications — including SkyDrive — through their mobile devices.

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