Apple Finally Catches a Break — For Now

A London court today granted Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) proposal to postpone a controversial order given earlier this month that would require the company to post a public notice on its U.K. website as well as several British newspapers relaying the court’s ruling that Samsung’s Galaxy tablets do not infringe on the iPad’s design patents. The reprieve will remain in effect until October, when Apple will have a chance to appeal the decision in a British courtroom.

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Last month, Judge Colin Birss ruled that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab didn’t infringe on iPad patents because they weren’t “as cool.” The notice Apple was meant to place on its website would link from the home page of all European websites for an entire year, and be published in Financial Times, the Daily Mail, the Guardian, Mobile Magazine, and T3 magazine, according to AllThingsD. The ruling also gave specifications as to font size and page placement.

Though Apple is only meant to clarify the ruling on its site, one Apple representative said it was essentially advertising for Samsung. Now Apple will have a chance to convince the U.K. court to revoke the ruling, which would also save Apple the expense of having to buy ad space.

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