Apple’s DEFEAT is Sweet for Kodak

Eastman Kodak will be allowed to go forward with the sale of a collection of over 1,100 patents in spite of Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) protestations on the grounds that it has a claim on some of the intellectual property. A bankruptcy court judge approved Kodak’s plans to sell the patents at an auction to be held next month, AFP reported on Tuesday.

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Buyers will be able to purchase the patents “free and clear of all ownership allegations” from either Apple or Flashpoint Technology, said Kodak Chief Intellectual Property Officer Timothy Lynch. “The Apple and FlashPoint claims are baseless and Kodak will still seek dismissal on summary judgment in July.”

Included in the sale will be 700 patents for “image capture, processing and transmission technologies for digital cameras and other devices,” as well as over 400 patents related to “tools for image analysis, manipulation, tagging, and network-based services.”

When filing for bankruptcy protection in January, Kodak said the patent sale was the next necessary step toward completing its “transformation” into the digital era. Kodak had hoped to raise funds from Apple through litigation, but despite having successfully asserted one of its digital imaging patents against other handset makers, it failed in its claims against the iPhone maker.

Kodak then tried to sell off its patents, but was unable to find a buyer. Furthermore, Apple has actively sought to block Kodak from selling patents, claiming ownership over 10 patents from when the two companies collaborated on the QuickTake camera in the 1990s. Kodak responded with its own legal actions to stop Apple.

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