Apple Faces New CHALLENGE In China

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is being dragged to court over its FaceTime technology by a Taiwanese man who claims to hold a patent on a “voice network personal digital assistant.” According to the lawsuit filed with the Intermediate People’s Court in Zhenjiang, the man claims his technology is being used in Apple’s FaceTime video-calling feature.

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The man, known only as Lee, said he discovered the apparent patent violation after buying an iPhone 4S, according to CNET. He claims he developed the patent for Internet-based calling because he needed to contact people while traveling and filed an application for it in 2003.  While Lee has not specified any financial amount in damages, he wants Apple to stop the alleged patent violation.

Local media reported that the court had contacted Apple over the suit, but was yet to receive a response. The trial is due to start this month.

Last month, Apple ended its long-running iPad trademark dispute in China after paying Proview Technology $60 million in settlement fees. In the second calendar quarter of the year, Apple brought in sales of $5.7 billion in China. Although the rate of growth slowed from the second quarter of 2012, the figure represented a 47 percent year-on-year increase.

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