Apple Loses ANOTHER Appeal

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) lost its second appeals court bid this week to have sales of Samsung’s Galaxy 10.1N tablet banned in Germany. The Munich Higher Regional Court rejected Apple’s appeal of a February lower court ruling that denied Apple’s request for an injunction against the tablet as well as the Galaxy Nexus smartphone. A Dusseldorf appeals panel on July 24 rejected a similar motion relying on European design rights.

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Apple had sought to block sales of the tablet and smartphone in Germany because it said they infringed on iPad and iPhone patents. Apple has been fighting tablet competitors, namely Samsung, in courts around the world for about a year.

Apple scored a victory in the U.S. when Judge Lucy Koh in June issued an order blocking U.S. sales of Samsung’s Galaxy 10.1 tablet, but was dealt a blow earlier this month when a U.K. judge ruled that the tablet didn’t infringe Apple’s design rights, and further ruled that Apple would have to advertise that fact, both on its site and in various publications in the U.K.

Apple was on the right track in Germany when in January a sales ban on the older Galaxy 10.1 model was upheld by Dusseldorf appeals judges. But Apple has now lost two appeals to have the newer Nexus tablet banned in Germany.

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