Apple Seeks FORTUNE from Samsung

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is claiming $2.5 billion in damages in its patent battle against Samsung, saying the Korean company illegally “chose to compete by copying” the iPhone maker.

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The two are scheduled to go to a jury trial on July 30 before U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh.

Samsung’s actions helped it reap “billions of dollars in profits” and overtake Apple as the world’s largest maker of smartphones, costing the California company $500 million in profit, Apple said in a court filing. Apple added that it plans to seek a permanent injunction to stop future violations.

Samsung countered the allegations in its own filing a few minutes later, saying it was Apple that should pay for the use of the former’s patented technology without which it “could not have become a successful participant in the mobile telecommunications industry.” Samsung added that Apple was trying “to stifle legitimate competition and limit consumer choice to maintain its historically exorbitant profits.”

The two have been involved in multiple lawsuits against each other around the world. Apple is also battling with other manufacturers who use Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android operating system in their devices.

Last week, Apple chief executive Tim Cook and top Samsung executives were involved in a court-supervised mediation to try to resolve the case, but didn’t reach a resolution. The two sides couldn’t even agree on the value of the disputed patents, Reuters said.

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