Apple Users Set to Get Big Perks From New York Times Apps

Source: icegroup via Flickr

Source: icegroup via Flickr

The New York Times Company (NYSE:NYT) is releasing two new apps for the web and Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) devices that give loyal readers varying access to the newspaper’s digital content. NYT Now and Times Premiere will both launch on April 2, the company announced, which will grow The Times’s digital holdings and expand its reach to avid news junkies on the go.

NYT Now is more for the casual reader of The Times. Costing $8 a month, the app will at first be available only for iPhone and iPod Touch in addition to online, and will be complementary for current subscribers of either the print or digital versions of the paper. The Times Premiere app is targeted towards major news junkies or perhaps people doing research that would benefit from unlimited access to behind-the-scenes items and other “exclusive benefits” for $45 a month, or $10 a month extra for current home delivery subscribers.

“Our goal with this next phase of our paid products strategy is to satisfy the demand for The Times journalism by giving new subscribers the ability to choose the amount of access they desire at a price point that suits them, and to enhance the value we offer our current loyal subscribers,” said Marc Thompson, the CEO of The New York Times Company.

NYT Now will be curated to present the most important news information via articles, videos, and infographics targeted towards those looking to catch up on the day’s events quickly. “Edited by two-time Pulitzer Prize-winner Cliff Levy, the NYT Now App is designed for readers to quickly catch up on the most important stories from The Times around the clock, and also gives them access to a stream of the best of the rest from the Internet,” the company said. The app stands out from the current NYT app and other news aggregation apps because of the outstanding editorial staff that will curate the content.

“The launch of NYT Now marks a significant point in The Times history as it is the first mobile product with its own dedicated editorial staff that offers a particular selection of Times stories,” added Jill Abramson, The Times’s executive editor. “NYT Now cuts through the vast amount of content available on the web and social media to provide the most essential stories of the moment, hand-selected by some of the most thoughtful and discerning journalists in our newsroom.”

So, what are all the benefits those Premiere subscribers will get for such a hefty fee? A bunch of perks that will make one the most informed person at the next cocktail party. TimesMachine will provide digital access to the complete edition of every issue of The Times ever printed, a great perk for those doing research. TimesTalks will provide access to new and archived full-length videos of NYT journalists interviewing various noteworthy figures. Premiere subscribers will also get two free TBooks — a curated compilation of articles past and present on a specific subject — per month for digital download. Times Premiere members will have Christmas gifts taken care of for three fellow news lovers with the option to gift a 12-week digital subscription to three people each year. Members can also share their account with two family members, will receive a four-pack of specially made crossword puzzles per month, and special discounts on NYT fan gear.

It’s a perk for Apple that it’s the first company to gain access to the new apps, although developers frequently choose to make apps for iOS first since the platform is so popular. It’s unclear if the apps will be made specially available for the iPad as well, although iPad users will have access to the iPhone versions. The company didn’t say if or when an Android version of the apps will be made available.

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