15 Reasons Markets Went Absolutely Nowhere This Week

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Dow 12,169 S&P500 1,321 Nasdaq 2,784 Gold 1,428

Markets are literally only a few points higher after 5 days of trading. Gold (NYSE:GLD) hit new record highs and Oil (NYSE:USO) continues to dance in the spotlight as it settled the week at $104 a barrel.

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Now, for the 15 reasons markets moved this week:


  • Personal Incomes jumped and the Fed said they are ready to add more monetary steroids if the economy falters after QE2. New York Fed Bank President William Dudley and St. Louis Fed Bank President James Bullard both said they are down to vote for continued Federal Reserve intervention. Now Check Out: 4 The One Chart Health Insurers and Hospitals Don’t Want You to See >>
  • Warren Buffett blessed the US recovery and markets. Whether you care or not, Buffet’s positive comments are plastered all over the media and that’s how retail investors are influenced — and their was M&A activity in his new favorite sector: healthcare. Nationwide Health Properties, Inc. (NYSE:NHP) — a real estate investment trust that invests primarily in senior housing, long-term care properties and medical office buildings — is now an acquisition target for rival Ventas, Inc. (NYSE:VTRDon’t Miss: Here are Warren Buffett’s 10 Secrets for Making Berkshire Hathaway a Success >>


  • The World is contemplating a no-fly zone over Libya. The US dispatched war ships to the region after the Saudi markets crashed this morning on rumors rioting spread to the oil sheik kingdom. Everyone might be scared, but This Industry Loves Skyrocketing Oil Prices >>



  • Weekly Unemployment Claims finally dropped into a zone which indicates employment may be turning a corner. If tomorrow’s BLS Unemployment data corroborates anything remotely looking like a positive change in the labor market, bulls will come charging in like encierro in Spain (NYSE:EWP). Now check out whether these charts show Weekly Unemployment Claims Finally Turning the Corner >>


  • Spiking gas prices are raising concern about the economic recovery. On my way home I was reminded what high gas prices look like and how they will start taking a bite out of discretionary income as Oil (NYSE:USO) rises to $104 a barrel. Now check out Wall St. Cheat Sheet’sTop 10 Oil Exchange Traded Funds for Your Investing List >>
  • Unemployment took baby steps. Although we’re moving in the right direction, we didn’t get enough shock to continue what was baked in from yesterday’s Initial Jobless Claims — and Walmart (NYSE:WMT) even raised their dividend! Here’s a cool look at a chart which makes us ask: Is Peak Unemployment Behind Us? >>