3 Reasons Apple’s iPhone 6 Should Be Waterproof

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Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) next smartphone iteration, the so-called iPhone 6, is not expected to be unveiled until the end of summer at the earliest. However, several rumors about some of the features that may be included in the iPhone 6 are already circulating. Several media outlets have said that the next iPhone will be available in two larger screen sizes. Last month, the Wall Street Journal reported that one of the upcoming iPhone models will feature a screen size larger than 4.5 inches and that the other will have a phablet-sized screen larger than 5 inches.

Besides the long-rumored screen size upgrades, there has also been speculation that Apple will begin using sapphire displays for the next-generation iPhones. Import/export documents obtained by 9to5Mac and analyst Matt Margolis indicated that Apple will be making “display-grade components” at a sapphire manufacturing facility run by GT Advanced Technologies that the Cupertino, California-based company acquired last year. Apple currently uses Corning’s (NYSE:GLW) Gorilla Glass for its mobile device screens, but sapphire is harder and more scratch-resistant.

Although larger and more durable screens are both impressive features for iPhone fans to look forward to, Inquisitr recently reported that there is another feature that Apple may want to consider implementing in the next generation of devices: water-resistance. Water has been the Achilles’ heel of iPhones since the devices debuted in 2007. Although Apple’s iPhones have a higher resale value than any other company’s smartphones, most resellers will not accept devices that show signs of water damage. Besides helping to preserve the device’s resale value, here are three other reasons why Apple should make the iPhone 6 waterproof.

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1. Other smartphone makers have already done it

Apple’s premium iPhones have the highest average selling price in the worldwide smartphone market, according to IDC data; Apple is able to charge more for its devices because of their high-quality design and innovative features. The company’s influence on the smartphone market was recently made apparent when Samsung (SSNLF.PK) revealed that the new Galaxy S5 included a fingerprint scanner similar to the one found on the iPhone 5S. Making the iPhone 6 waterproof would help Apple ensure that its premium devices remain the gold standard in the smartphone market.

Per The Verge, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 can withstand being put underwater for up to 30 minutes. And according to Sony (NYSE:SNE), the Xperia ZR is similarly waterproof and can even film in high definition underwater. With its vast research and development resources, Apple could easily develop a water-resistance technology that could top its competitors’ devices.

2. We have the technology

Third-party iPhone accessory companies such as Lifeproof already sell sleek plastic cases that can make iPhones waterproof. However, as Inquisitr reports, there are also chemical solutions that have been developed by various companies that will help to protect an iPhone from water damage. Although these chemical coatings are only intended as a preventative measure, the treatments can be quite effective, as seen in the Liquipel video above. The combination of a hydrophobic chemical treatment along with physical waterproofing could make the iPhone 6 extremely water-resistant.

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3. Waterproofing also prevents germs

According to Inquisitr, waterproofing a mobile device has the added benefit of preventing bacteria from building up. According to a study done by U.K.-based consumer advocate charity Which?, significantly higher amounts of bacteria were found to be living on the surfaces of tablet or mobile devices like iPads and iPhones compared to what was found on toilet seats. A waterproof iPhone 6 could help reduce the overall amount of bacteria that tends to naturally accumulate on mobile devices. Germ resistance could therefore be another selling point for a waterproof iPhone 6.

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