Wall Street Analyst: TV Market is Ripe for Apple

apple tvHello, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)…television makers were supposed to ‘wow’ technophiles at the Consumer Electronics Show, but they are failing. Insert market opportunity for Apple TV!

Apple’s current stock price is largely the result of an Apple TV delay. Back when the stock was a freight train to $700, investors were gearing up for the release of a game-changing television invented by Steve Jobs. Unfortunately, Apple wasn’t able to strong-arm content owners in the same manner as they did with music. As a result, the project has fallen behind investors expectations for delivery.

However, no shortage of journalism from CES confirms the TV space is still ripe for Apple’s entry. Wall Street analysts…

agree. Unimpressed by the next-generation television sets showcased at CES, Topeka Capital analyst Brian White has said the space for Apple to innovate in the area was still wide open. The apparent “smart TVs” on display at the show by manufacturers “really aren’t that smart,” White wrote in a note to investors on Thursday, according to Apple Insider. The analyst added that it had been left to Apple to reinvent the HDTV experience.

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One of the displays at the show was the Samsung (SSNLF.PK) Evolution Kit, a hardware upgrade expected to be available in the second quarter of this year. The Korean company also showcased its “S-Recommendation” voice control technology, whose logo, White said, was “nearly identical” to Apple’s Siri. “Needless to say, we were less than impressed with Samsung’s smart TV user interface and capabilities at the show,” the analyst added.

Before the start of the show, White had said that Apple’s rumored high-definition television set would be “the elephant in the room” at the CES because of its potential to “totally reinvent the TV experience.”

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According to the analyst, Apple’s “ability to develop hardware and software together, combined with a relentless, detailed focus on aesthetics, and a robust ecosystem will make the company difficult to beat in the coming years” in this sector.

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