Android and Samsung Dominate Apple

While the Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone might be the most popular smartphone model in the country, Apple faces significant competition when it comes to its mobile market share.

According to a recent comScore survey (NASDAQ:SCOR) with a 9.5% market share, Apple was in fourth place in terms of total phone sales during the three months ending in July. Meanwhile, Samsung dominated the market, its lead climbing from 24.5% in the three months ending in April to 25.5% in the most recent period.

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Apple also faces competition from Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), which has the most popular smartphone operating system in the nation with Android, which climbed 5.4% to reach a 41.8% market share at the end of July. Apple’s iOS came in second place, rising 1% to reach a 27% share.

A large part of Android’s success is the fact that it is freely licensed to mobile phone makers, one of which is Samsung, which has seen smartphone sales thrive since they began running the Android system. LG (NYSE:LPL) is another top Android user.

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has maintained its lead over RIM (NASDAQ:RIMM) in terms of both phone sales and software. The BlackBerry maker saw its total market share decline 0.6% to 7.6% during the three months ending in July, putting it in fifth place right behind Apple in terms of sales. And RIM’s BlackBerry operating system came in third, behind Android in first and Apple’s iOS in second.

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