Another Week, Another Plastic iPhone Leak

A new high-quality video purporting to show a white plastic chassis for Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) upcoming low-cost iPhone has emerged online, courtesy of Michael Kukielka via 9to5Mac. The chassis shown in the video adds to growing evidence for Apple’s rumored plastic iPhone, since it appears to be identical to previously leaked images of the device.

In the video, Kukielka notes that the lower-cost iPhone appears to combine design elements of the iPhone 3GS with the iPod touch. Although the plastic iPhone retains a 4-inch display like the current iPhone 5, it loses all of the metal components that have long been part of the iPhone’s design. The plastic casing is slightly thicker and wider than the iPhone 5, and features a single LED flash. Previous leaks suggested that a new iteration of the iPhone would include a dual LED flash, but it now appears that upgrade will only be included for the iPhone 5S.

Kukielka also notes that the iPhone features a new, thinner style of font for the “iPhone” lettering on the back. This seems to be in line with the new Helvetica Neue light style font that was utilized for the text in iOS 7.

However, after many users complained that the font made text in iOS 7 practically unreadable, Apple sent out an iOS 7 update to developers that featured a new, thicker primary font. The latest beta version of iOS 7 now uses the regular style of the Helvetica Neue font, which greatly improves readability.

Michael Kukielka, also known as the DetroitBorg, reports that he obtained the iPhone shell from Apple researcher Sonny Dickson. Although the casing that Kukielka demonstrates in his video is white, numerous leaks have indicated that the plastic iPhone will also be available in red, green, blue, and yellow.

Here’s how Apple traded on Wednesday:

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