Apple Fans Flock to the ‘Other’ WWDC

source: year’s Worldwide Developers Conference sold out of tickets barely two minutes after they went on sale, leaving quite a few disappointed Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) developers with no opportunity to attend this important gathering. However, Apple developers who can’t attend the official event can still enjoy the company of their fellow ticketless developers at a bootleg version of the WWDC.

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Known as “AltWWDC,” this free event was started by Rob Elkin and a group of three other Apple developers last year as a way for Apple developers to “hang out, talk to people and make those connections” without actually attending the official event reports CultofMac. This year’s AltWWDC is being hosted at the downtown campus of San Francisco State University where developers will participate in an unofficial WWDC gathering that mirrors the genuine event.

Approximately 1,500 participants have already signed up for this year’s AltWWDC, which is a massive increase from the first event last year when attendance peaked at about 80. The official WWDC attendance is usually capped out at about 5,000. However, unlike the real WWDC, AltWWDC has no attendance cap and anyone is welcome to attend as long as they can find room to squeeze in.

In an interview with CultofMac, Elkin explained how AltWWDC is “mirroring the set-up of WWDC with both speakers and the labs but we’re not Apple, so we can go outside the normal scope and do some different things.” These “different thing” include discussing topics beyond code, such as “games, design, lifestyle, business and culture.”

Although Apple hasn’t endorsed the AltWWDC, it doesn’t seem to mind it either. AltWWDC co-founder Elkin points out that, “I would imagine we would’ve had a conversation if they were unhappy about it.”

Even while participants are enjoying the unofficial version of WWDC, they can still check out videos of the real McCoy. Due to the overwhelming demand for WWDC tickets this year, Apple is taking the unprecedented step of posting videos while the conference is still going on. On its website, Apple states “We’ll be posting videos of all our sessions during the conference, so Registered Apple Developers can take advantage of great WWDC content.”

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