Apple Loses Patent Suit and 3 Tech Titans to Watch

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has lost a courtroom case against patent holder, MobileMedia. A spokesperson for the patent holder told CNET that the United States court issued a ruling that the iPhone infringes on three patents held by MobileMedia. One of the patents, #6,427,078, refers to a camera phone technology, according to the spokesperson, and the other two patents, #6,253,075 and #6,070,068, deal with call handling. A document of the verdict posted on Scribd shows the jury found that Apple directly infringed on the three patents in question, meaning the violation was not induced. The jury also ruled against Apple’s attempt to have the patent claims rendered invalid.

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) made a statement on their European Blog that they have reached an agreement with Belgian newspaper publishers which will end all litigation. Google stated, “We continue to believe that our services respect newspaper copyrights and it is important to note that we are not paying the Belgian publishers or authors to include their content in our services. From now on, Google and Belgian French-language publishers will partner on a broad range of business initiatives in order to promote both the publishers’ and Google’s services, increase publishers’ revenue, reader engagement, and the accessibility of the publishers’ content. Instead of continuing to argue over legal interpretations, we have agreed on the need to set aside past grievances in favor of collaboration. This is the same message we would like to send to other publishers around the world.”

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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT): For pirates in China, where illegal software sales greatly out number legal ones, a new version of Windows usually means a new treasure ship to plunder. Speaking at a media briefing Thursday, Nick Psyhogeos, a Vice President with Microsoft Corporation, said that Windows 8 was probably the operating system most resilient to piracy that they have released. However, he added, “We are aware, though, that software pirates are smart and they have a way to react and respond to any technological advancement we might introduce.”

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC): Launched back in 1985, the venerable Intel i386 processor has served countless PC users around the world, but lately, the developers of the Linux kernel decided to drop support for it. “This tree removes ancient-386-CPUs support and thus zaps quite a bit of complexity,” wrote developer, Ingo Molnar, who submitted the change on Tuesday. That complexity has meant extra work for kernel developers for years, Molnar pointed out.

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