Apple Shares Pop Amidst Holiday Sales

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL): Shares of tech colossus Apple Inc. are up over 1% in early morning trading, reaching as high at $580. The giant has been aided by a bullish report from analyst Glen Yeung of Citigroup as reported this morning by Forbes. Likewise, early sales indicators from the Black Friday weekend points to another monumental quarter for Apple. Many analysts point to the fact that Apple did not need to offer significant discounts for their iPad Mini as an indication of strong demand. Before the shopping season began, analysts had anticipated that the iPad Mini sales would reach an estimated 5 million units. However, with the device receiving such interest from stores such as Walmart and Best Buy, it is not out of the realm of possibility that Apple might exceed that total before Christmas and will reach at least 6.5 million units.

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