Apple Sits on the Throne of Smartphones

According to research firm Strategy Analytics, Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) sold more smart phones than rival Samsung Electronics Co Ltd in the fourth quarter of last year, becoming the world’s top selling smartphone maker.

Whereas Apple sold 37 million phones, Samsung was lower by half a million at 36.5 million smartphones. At these sales levels, market share of Apple stands at 23.9 percent and whereas Samsung is marginally lower at 23.5 percent.

Ironically, “Apple is Samsung’s biggest client, buying mainly chips and displays, and the two firms are locked in a bruising patent battle in some 10 countries from the United States to Europe, Japan and Australia as they jostle for smartphone and tablet supremacy. In the latest legal skirmish, a German court ruled against Samsung in the second of three patent suits. The Mannheim court will decide on a third patent on March 2.

Apple, though, is streets ahead in profitability. It generates half its revenue from the iPhone, boasts a 37.4 percent operating margin, versus Samsung’s 11 percent, and its $17.3 billion operating profit is almost four times what Samsung earned from selling phones, chips, flat screens and TVs combined.”