Review: Apple Stays Ahead with the New iOS 4.2

Apple (AAPL) literally kicked the shit out of competitors when they released the iPod and iTunes. Since then we’ve heard many threats about King Steve Jobs getting toppled from his thrown, but talk is cheap.

Yesterday Apple released their new iOS 4.2. The operating system update fixes the #1 complaint about iPad: no Multitasking. After playing with this function for a little while, I think the commands would be more user-friendly if it was one click of the home button for multitasking and two for home, but that’s just my opinion.

Another great feature is Folders. Now I can finally organize my chaos of apps. However, the default folder style is ugly, and I don’t yet see an obvious way to customize colors or looks. But that’s picky ;)

Airprint is cool. But I never print anything anymore, and I have less reason because I like reading emails, docs, etc on the iPad.

Airplay is another cool feature for limited users. First, it only works with Apple TV (which I am currently in the process of reviewing). Second, Netflix (NFLX) allows me to resume my videos no matter what device I use to finish. So, it seems like more a pain in the ass that I actually need my iPad if I want to finish a show on my laptop or TV some other time. As you can see in the picture to the right, basically you need another Apple middleman product to enjoy Airplay.

Although I am a total Apple fan, these are the little things that annoy me and make me feel manipulated that I need to buy more unnecessary crap to get a feature (entertainment in the cloud) others are already offering with no extra hardware costs. And imagine I want to show you some great pics on my iPhone. If you don’t have Apple TV at your house, forget it.

Find My iPad is also a nice additional feature for those who misplace their technology. Personally, I prefer to not have companies monitoring honing devices on my person or in my house. But, hey, maybe I’m old fashion.


All in all, Apple addressed two big issues (Multitasking and Folders) with iOS 4. Now, let’s see some hype and previews start for the next-generation iPad!