Apple Stores Brace for ‘Shopping Event’ on Black Friday

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The holiday season in the United States has taken on a sort of perverse dual life. On one hand are the longstanding American values of family and charity — Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for the things we have (family), and Christmas is about giving (charity).

But if one hand is held out palm up, the other is clenched around a fistful of cash. The holiday shopping season has evolved into nearly predatory competition for consumer dollars, and consumers themselves have developed a fairly savage appetite for spending — or, perhaps more accurately, deal seeking. Responding to pent-up demand, Black Friday expanded into Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, all mechanisms to bait shoppers and excuses to push product. This year, Black Friday has bled backwards into Thanksgiving Day itself.

For its part, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has revealed that it will be participating in the Black Friday madness with a one-day “shopping event” beginning just after the clock strikes midnight on Friday . To the company’s credit, CEO Tim Cook has reportedly overruled his retail marketing directors and insisted that Apple Store brick-and-mortar locations remain closed on Thanksgiving Day. Stores in certain locations will begin opening at 6 a.m. on Friday.

So what does the tech giant have in store for Black Friday deal seekers?

Don’t look for any discount iPhones, for one. Apple traditionally does not cut prices on the newest generation of its flagship phones for Black Friday. Instead, look for some dollars to be shaved off the sticker price of iPads, iPods, and MacBooks.

Using predictions from Gotta Be Mobile, the International Business Times compiled a list of discounts that could be applied to some popular devices:

  • $41 off for the iPad Air and iPad 2
  • $21 off for the iPod touch
  • $101 off for the MacBook Air
  • $101 off for the MacBook Pro with Retina display
  • $101 off for the iMac

These end-year sales are enormously important for Apple, as December-quarter earnings account for more than one-fourth of Apple’s annual total. Analysts are expecting the company to pull in $57.24 billion in revenue, about 31 percent of the $184.03 billion expected for the full year. Earnings are expected at $13.99 per share, 32.2 percent of the $43.42 expected for the full year.

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