Apple Submits New Design for Proposed San Francisco Store

Source: sfplanning.orgApple’s (AAPL) proposed building plans for an Apple Store in San Francisco’s Union Square district have undergone further changes as the Cupertino-based company seeks approval from the San Francisco Planning Department, reports MacRumors. The revised plans include two full-height sliding glass panels at the front of the store that are over forty-four feet tall and twenty-three feet wide. The front of the store would also include a pair of regular-sized glass doors that would function as the primary entrances whenever the full-height bay doors are closed. As seen in the rendering above that was submitted to the San Francisco Planning Department, the reworked store plans also shifted the front glass wall of the store back several feet in order to create a sense of depth.

As noted by MacRumors, Apple filed its original Apple Store plans for Union Square last May. The proposed store would have replaced Apple’s current retail location at One Stockton Street. However, the project soon came under extra scrutiny after San Francisco Chronicle urban design critic John King drew attention to the detrimental effects that the store would have on the historic appearance of the surrounding neighborhood.

One of the major criticisms leveled at the original plans centered on an eighty-foot long blank façade on the Stockton Street side of the proposed building. Apple remedied this issue in the new plans by creating an eight-foot wide glass window on the Stockton Street side of the building. As seen in the rendering above, the window goes up the entire height of the building and continues across the roof in order to create a skylight.

Another contentious issue with the original plans was the proposed removal of a historical Ruth Asawa fountain that is currently located in the Stockton Street plaza. The fountain was made by the famous Japanese-American sculptor and has been a feature of the plaza since 1973.

Apple’s new construction plans include the historic fountain, although it will still be moved from its current location. “When the site is ready, the fountain will be reinstalled approximately 10 feet from its existing location,” stated Apple in the documents submitted to the San Francisco Planning Department. According to the revised plans, the current shape of the Stockton Street plaza will also be changed from triangular to rectangular.

The San Francisco Historic Preservation Commission will discuss Apple’s revised plans at a meeting on February 5, according to a notice posted on the San Francisco Planning Department website.  There are already a total of three Apple Stores in San Francisco, including the proposed Union Square store that is replacing the Stockton Street location.

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