Apple: This Must Be Banned

Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) bid for a Samsung sales ban was denied back in October, but the tech giant isn’t giving up easily on the prospect of getting Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus smartphone off shelves in advance of a trial set for March 2014. The three panel judges in question voted unanimously against the request, but Apple officials are hoping to reverse the decision by turning to the full Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, which has nine active judges. This “en banc” review of a case could be difficult to obtain, because no third parties have filed briefs in favor of Apple’s bid.

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Apple claims that Samsung has already sold 22.7 million devices that infringe upon their patents, but judges ruled that there was not enough evidence of a “causal nexus” between iPhone sales and infringed patents to make a sales ban justified.

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Apple already won $1.05 billion from Samsung last year in a California federal court ruling, and many believe that the current fight is actually a proxy war between Apple and Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), since Samsung’s devices run on the company’s Android operating system, once declared by Steve Jobs to be a “stolen product.”

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