Apple WWDC: Everything You Missed in 60-Seconds

Today Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) unveiled its newest line of innovations at the company’s WWDC event in San Fran. Keynote speaker and CEO Steve Jobs announced three new products: OS 10 Lion, iOS 5, and iCloud.

“Lion” is a new operating system for Macbooks and Mac Desktops, and will feature new apps such as “Mission Control,” “Launchpad,” as well as upgrades to mail, safari, user interface features, and touchpad capabilities.

iOS 5 is the operating system for the next wave of Apple products to be released this fall, including the iPhone 5 and the iPad 3. iOS 5 will come with 10 new features, among them are “PC Free” sync-ability, improvements to mobile web browsing, “Twitter Integration,” “GameCenter,” and upgrades to mobile mail and search capability.

iCloud will allow users of Apple products to store information on a centralized cloud server, and will provide “automatic” updates to users’ music library’s, photo albums, contact information, and calendars through mobile data transfers via the cloud.

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