Apple WWDC: Live Coverage

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has some big news today. It’s the Worldwide Developers Conference everyone is waiting for.

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3:00PM: Conference ends.

2:58PM: Jobs says “Match” is cheaper than Amazon service ($50/month), Google service not yet priced. “If you don’t think we’re serious about this, you’re wrong.” Shows pictures of 3rd Apple data center (in North Carolina). “We’re pretty proud of it.” The building is enormous. “Its full of stuff…expensive stuff!” “We’re ready for customers to start using iCloud, we can’t wait to get it in your hands.”

2:56PM: iTunes match costs $24.99 per year. Will automatically sync songs, give benefits of cloud service to songs that weren’t purchased on iTunes.

2:54PM: “One more thing.” iTunes in the cloud only for music from the iTunes store, but “you may have some (songs) that you ripped yourself.” Three ways you can deal with that, 1)sync devices through macbook or ipad 2) you can buy songs you miss on itunes 3) “iTunes Match” “uses the fact that we’ve got 18 million songs in the music store. We wrote software to scan non-itunes music and match it up to songs we have in the store.” “It takes just minutes, not weeks.”

2:53PM: iCloud can be disabled but will be automatically active on products. iTunes in the cloud will be available today. It will be available on existing iPhone 4. iCloud and iOS 5 will be available with full features this fall.

2:51PM: These apps constitute iCloud, “They are all free.” “We want people to see what these devices can do, and what the software can do.” ”

2:49PM: Will music industry be okay with this innovation? Copyright issues loom… iTunes store purchase demo, preview, song purchased on iPad. Also comes up on iPhone. No sync involved. “iTunes in the Cloud.” Demo is done. Jobs back on stage.

2:46PM: Jobs returns to stage. Mobile music, any song purchased on any device will be automatically downloaded to all devices. Demonstration coming up.

2:42PM: Demonstration of Photo Stream.

2:41PM: “We’ve even built in Photo Stream to Apple TV.” Apple to store last 1k photos on your devices, anything you want to keep permanently store on your mac or PC. “We will store photos on the server (cloud) for 30 days.”

2:38PM: “Next one is my favorite one, Photo Stream.” -Jobs. “Bringing the cloud to photos.” Now photos on camera roll from every one of your devices will be taken from where it is stored, uploaded to cloud, and distributed across devices.

2:35PM: “All the iWorks app will use iCloud.” Demonstration concludes, “I think your going to like this.” Jobs comes back on stage.

2:33PM: Backups “We’ve added wireless backups to the cloud,” ie your contacts/info will be stored so if you get a new phone, enter your username password and you will regain access to all your old info via the cloud. First new app, “documents in the cloud” if I create a new doc on my ipad it will be stored and saved in the cloud, and it can be accessed across devices. Jobs invites Roger Rosmer to the stage to do a demo.

2:30PM: “We used to sell these products for a subscription fee,” (mobileme), will all be free with iCloud. 3 more new apps to come with iCloud Universe. App store, all of your app purchases will be visible across devices. Downloading new apps will offer options to transfer new apps to other mobile devices (no extra charge).

2:27PM: Example, new contacts from iphone will be stored in the cloud, instantly updated on all devices. Changes will be saved across devices. Calendar has same feature. “Calendar Sharing,” allows uploading changes in calendar between clouds (think Google Calendar), and can be shared across different users, mobile devices.

2:24: iCloud will automatically update our devices without us needing to think about it. “Some people think the cloud is a hard drive in the sky, we think its much more than that, we call it iCloud.” This will be completely integrated with all your apps and data. “It just all works.” (One blogger says this is not revolutionary. Android and Windows already do this).

2:22: Jobs on iCloud. PC used to be the digital hub for the past decade, “it has broken down in the last few years, why? Devices have changed.” “They all have music, photos, videos.” “Keeping devices in sync is driving us crazy.” (Agreed) “This solution is our next big insight, we will move the digital hub into the cloud.”

2:20PM: New developing tools. Developers will have access to new features in iOS 5 today. Will be generally available to customers, “this fall.” iOS 5 to cover new iPhone 5, and 3rd and 4th generations of iPad. Steve Jobs comes back to talk about iCloud.

2:17PM: Texts will not interrupt gaming, web browsing, etc. Reiterates cross-device compatibility. Recap of new iOS 5 features.

2:14PM: “iMessage,” new messaging service between all iOS customers, should improve texting time. Supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, will allow sending texts, photos, videos. New features “delivery and receipt” confirms that things get there. Also “typing in progress” notifications between texts.

2:12PM: Now move to gaming. “GameCenter” to make it easier to find players to compete with, also compare gaming stats to friends, will also be able to add photos to your gamer profile. Also will get friend recommendations and game recommendations. Added support for turn-based games in the new OS.

2:08PM: Dictionary added to iOS 5. “Built-in dictionary.” “Grab-handles” added to iPad keyboard. “PC FREE” app displayed on screen, gets huge applause from crowd. Instead of requiring pc-plugin after opening, you will be able to activate new iPhones via mobile network. Updates “delta updates” will also be available without pc plug in.

2:04PM: Mail upgrades discussed. Adding rich text formatting, indenting features, drag addresses between browsers, flagging added, can search entire content of mailbox server (not just phone).

2:01PM: “Reminders” new app on iOS 5, can set reminders for phone calls, events, etc. “Camera” iPhone 4 is one of the most popular camera-phones, very soon will be “most popular camera overall.” Will make taking photos much faster.  Can bypass passcode.

1:58PM: Tabbed browsing will be available in Safari. “Reading List” allows you to bookmark stories to finish later, move them across devices, also easier to tweet through iOS 5 Safari.

1:55PM: More on new features in iOS 5, “Safari Reader” reformats page to make web stories more readable, removes clutter.

1:50PM: Apologies for the delay, we are experiencing streaming issues. Among the features discussed in the interlude are new iOS apps, such as Notification Center. Twitter also to be integrated into iOS 5.

1:37PM: Lion to only be sold and installable directly through app store, “no more discs.”

1:35PM: Search suggestions interactive with mail. Can search for people for correspondence, social networking, etc.

1:32PM: New version of mail in Lion. OS10 also has search suggestions.

1:30PM: New features continue to display on screen. “Airdrop” new p2p file-sharing utility introduced.

1:25PM: “Versions” saves all versions of document through autosave.

1:22PM: “Resume” brings back “system wide” data from apps. Remembers where you were/what you were doing in open apps if macbook shuts down or apps are closed.  “Autosave,” another new features…

1:20PM: Mac App Store is growing rapidly. New features: app store will be built in to every new macbook. Faster downloads, heightened security. “Launchpad” brings all apps to screen with one click.

1:17PM: Schiller finishes talking on OS 10 Lion. Big applause. Starts talking about “app store.”

1:15PM:Schiller still talking on OS 10 Lion new features. Boasts new photobooth features. Jokes with facial enhancements. More on “mission control” user interface, that makes window browsing easier.

1:12PM: New features put on display, “really clean look,” “the page feels alive beneath fingers.” scroll bars being replaced with smart-zoom, interactivity will resemble iPad.

1:08PM: Schiller talks about OS 10 Lion, updated operating system for Mac’s, begins to address “multitouch” features and new applications, such as “tap to zoom.”

1:06PM: Phil Schiller on stage, says PC markets are shrinking, Apple still has 54 million users. Mac laptop sales on the rise.

1:04PM: Jobs takes stage, thanks audience, says he will talk about a new line of Apple products and cloud service.

1:02PM: Lights go off as Steve Jobs is set to take the stage.

1:00PM: Conference opens