Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone 4 Aiming for Top Father’s Day Gift

There are catalysts for investments, and then there is rocket fuel. Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) is atop all the internet search trend charts with their newest consumer innovation: iPhone 4. The device is apparently selling very well on the back of a massive Father’s Day promotional push.

As if video calling wasn’t a good enough reason to attract the camels to Steve Jobs’ oasis, it’s worth noting the iPhone 4 is available in both white and black. According to Apple¬†acolytes, this is something which will encourage upgrades for those who want their white macs to match their phones. Sounds silly? Remember: this is a cult brand.

In addition to the iPhone 4, Chris Anderson — Wired’s Editor-in-Chief and author of Long Tailand Free— is out talking about how his readers are flocking to the iPad in droves. If the iPad continues to lead in the transition to tablets and the iPhone increases market share with its 4th generation, this is one stock which should never be too far from your daily watch list. Keep your eye on a break above 260:

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