Apple’s In-Store iPhone Trade-In Program Heads North

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Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone Reuse and Recycling Program will soon be expanding to Canada, according to an insider source cited by 9to5Mac. Per 9to5Mac’s source, employees at Apple Stores in Canada will begin training for the upcoming program within the next week.

Although Apple’s iPhone Reuse and Recycling Program is primarily geared towards getting customers to upgrade their devices, the service also accepts devices that have zero trade-in value. As noted by 9to5Mac, the iPhone Reuse and Recycling Program first launched in the U.S. last August and was made available in the UK two months later. Last November, the Times of India reported that Apple initiated a similar iPhone trade-in program in India that offered users a substantial discount on their purchase of a new iPhone 5C if they traded in their old iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. Apple also runs website-based versions of the iPhone Reuse and Recycling Program in several other emerging markets.

As noted by 9to5Mac, Apple’s trade-in program offers users varying amounts of Apple Store credit that can be used for the purchase of a newer iPhone. The amount of credit given depends on the iPhone model, as well as the overall condition of the device. Apple’s trade-in program in Canada will be managed by BrightStar, the same company that handles trade-ins for Apple in the U.S. and the UK.

An Apple job listing that 9to5Mac spotted last November suggested that the iPhone maker is planning even more expansions of its iPhone Reuse and Recycling Program. According to the job listing, Apple was “seeking an experienced Program Manager to manage current and future Global Reuse (Trade-in) Programs for Apple Online Store, Education, Retail and the Reseller Channel.”

The job listing also revealed where Apple would be expanding the program. “This position will be responsible for coordinating and managing all current world wide programs, developing and implementing programs in emerging markets, with emphasis in APAC [Asia-Pacific] and ALAC [Latin American & Caribbean], while enhancing current EMEIA [Europe, Middle East, India & Africa] and North American programs,” stated Apple.

Although the program is mainly used by Apple to boost its in-store sales of iPhones, the job listing described several of the other core program objectives, including “brand protection,” “key material recovery,” “environmental goals,” and “growing Apple’s market share in the secondary electronics market.”

While Apple’s trade-in program is undoubtedly a convenient service for many Apple Store shoppers, it may not offer consumers the best value for their old iPhones. As noted by 9to5Mac, many third-party iPhone resellers offer more money for used Apple devices than what Apple will give through its in-store program. On the other hand, the Apple Store’s iPhone Reuse and Recycling Program provides an instant return for the customer, whereas most used electronics dealers may take several days or even several weeks to process a payout.

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