Apple’s iPhone 5S Shipping Times Shorten as Holiday Approaches


In a sign that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has fully resolved its initial iPhone 5S supply constraints, the shipping estimate times for all capacities and color options for the device have dropped to one to three business days. As noted by MacRumors, the recently reduced shipping estimate times apply to sales made in North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East.

Two weeks ago, the online Apple Stores for both the North America and Asia Pacific regions listed shipping estimate times of three to five business days for the iPhone 5S, MacRumors reports. Similarly, the online Apple Stores for Europe and the Middle East had shipping estimates of one to two weeks.

The GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) version of Apple’s iPhone 5S is the only version still showing a shipping estimate time of one to two weeks. However, this device was only released a few weeks ago and is primarily targeted toward users that want to be able to use their devices on overseas GSM networks without a contract.

Soon after the iPhone 5S debuted on September 20, supplies of the device were extremely constrained, especially for the gold and silver color options. MacRumors reports that shipping times went from seven to 10 days to two to three weeks soon after the iPhone 5S was released. Industry watchers cited production issues with the new Touch ID fingerprint scanner as the reason for the initial iPhone 5S supply shortage.

However, the latest shipping times listed on the various Apple Store websites suggest that the company will be able to fully meet consumer demand for the iPhone 5S during the holiday shopping season. The growing supply of Apple’s iPhones was also reflected in the inventory levels of Apple’s brick-and-mortar retail locations.

Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore examined product inventory levels at more than 100 retail stores during the Black Friday shopping rush, including approximately 50 Apple Stores. According to the analyst, the iPhone 5S was well stocked at all of the retail locations that he checked.

MacRumors reports that Apple recently released order deadline times for customers that want to receive their Apple products before Christmas Day. According to Apple, the iPhone 5S must be ordered by midnight on December 18 if customers want to receive the device by December 24.

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