Apple’s New Mac Pro Is Greener Than Ever Before

Source: Apple.comThe appearance of Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) new Mac Pro wasn’t the only aspect of the high-end desktop computer to undergo major changes. According to the company’s recently released product environmental report, Apple’s redesigned Mac Pro is far more environmentally friendly than the previous-generation models.

Apple reduced the overall environmental impact of the product by improving energy efficiency, using fewer materials to build the product, and reducing the amount of packaging. According to Apple, the new Mac Pro only consumes 43 watts in idle mode, 68 percent less power than the last model. As noted by VentureBeat, the previous model used 134 watts in idle mode. This efficiency upgrade allowed the new Mac Pro to surpass the stringent ENERGY STAR Program Requirements for Computers Version 6.0.

Apple also pointed out that its products come pre-installed with intelligent energy efficient software that will automatically power down the Mac Pro during periods of inactivity. The product’s new cylindrical design is also based around a “unified thermal core” that allows it to more efficiently cool down the internal components.

According to Apple, the round Mac Pro is one-eighth the volume of the previous box-shaped version. The Mac Pro’s dramatic size reduction is reflected in the overall decrease in the amount of materials used to make it. The new Mac Pro was made with 74 percent less aluminum and steel compared to the previous model.

Apple noted that the product size reduction lowers the amount of materials that will be wasted at the end of its life-cycle. However, Apple also pointed out that the Mac Pro’s enclosure and thermal core are made of aluminum and copper — two easily recyclable materials.

Finally, the California-based company also drastically reduced the overall size of the Mac Pro’s packaging, allowing for greater shipping efficiency. The new Mac Pro retail packaging is 82 percent smaller and 84 percent lighter than the previous-generation model. According to Apple, three times as many Mac Pro units can now be packed into a shipping container.

Although some industry commentators initially mocked the new computer’s resemblance to a trash can, the Mac Pro has received mostly positive reviews since its release last month. TechCrunch said that the Mac Pro is “almost absurd in terms of its abilities.” Apple also received kudos for making the new Mac Pro upgradeable, according to a tear-down and CPU-replacement test completed by researchers at Other World Computing.

Unfortunately, some customers will have to wait a while before they can try out the new Mac Pro for themselves. According to Apple’s Mac Pro purchase page, the shipping estimate times for all configurations of the new workstation have been delayed until February. Best Buy (NYSE:BBY) reportedly had some Mac Pros in stock last week, but soon sold out its entire available inventory.

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