Apple’s New WWDC Banners Promise a ‘Whole New World’

As if expectations for this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference weren’t already high enough, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has created even more buzz by unveiling new brightly-colored “WWDC MMXIII” banners at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The banners feature a design of translucent rounded-corner squares in multiple colors, and a tagline that states, “Where a whole new world is developing.”

Apple Insider notes that the colorful squares may be related to the redesigned appearance of iOS 7. Some insider sources have described the appearance of the new iOS as “black, white, and flat all over.” However, although the core elements of the various applications are mostly white, each app was also reportedly assigned a secondary unique button color. For example, rather than using a skeuomorphic calendar icon to represent the Calendar app, it might be assigned a basic red icon button.

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In addition to the psychedelic “WWDC MMXIII” banners, 9to5Mac has posted photos of a new iOS 7 banner. The banner features a narrow numeral “7” in a multi-colored Helvetica style font overlaid on a gray-dot background.

Source: 9to5Mac

A banner featuring the new OS X logo has also gone up. In lieu of the typical “cosmic” background that previous versions of OS have used, the new banner features a white Helvetica style font “X” overlaid on a curling sea-green colored ocean wave.

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Will Apple deliver on its promise for a “whole new world?” Apple fans will find out tomorrow when the WWDC kicks off with a keynote presentation at the Moscone Center. Here’s how Apple has been trading over the past week.


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