Are Big Changes Coming for the iPhone 5S?

Newly leaked photos of internal iPhone 5S components suggest that the next iteration of Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) flagship smartphone will feature more than just incremental changes. BGR obtained several exclusive photos of what are purported to be various iPhone 5S internal components.

Although the new iPhone 5S is expected to superficially resemble the last iteration of iPhone, it appears that the similarities end with the external casing. Previously leaked sets of photos have already suggested camera and flash component alterations as well as the possible addition of a fingerprint sensor.

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However, these latest photos suggest an overall reworking of most of the iPhone’s internal layout. The new high-quality photos show multiple changes in the vibrating motor assembly, the loudspeaker bracket, the ear speaker bracket, the Wi-Fi flex cable ribbon, and the SIM card tray.

Perhaps most importantly, these reconfigured parts seem to indicate that Apple is making room for new components that aren’t in the current iPhone. These components may include the rumored fingerprint sensor or this internal reconfiguration could be for components that no has seen yet.

Like many of the new components, the new SIM card trays appear to have a thinner profile than the previous iPhone models. Interestingly, the photos reveal that the SIM trays have been manufactured in multiple colors, which suggests that the new iPhone will also be available in different colors.



Some Apple fans have been calling for the Cupertino-based company to release multiple color options for the iPhone for some time now.  Ken Segall, the former Apple branding consultant who created one of Apple’s most iconic ad campaigns, is one famous proponent of multiple color options for the iPhone.

Besides implementing these hardware reconfigurations, Apple is also reworking its mobile operating system for the iPhone 5S.  Apple’s iOS 7 is expected to be unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June. Jonathan Ive, who is now in charge of Apple’s human interface design, is reportedly leading a major redesign effort that will give iOS 7 a minimalist appearance that will more closely mesh with Apple’s minimalist hardware design.

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