Are Drastic Changes Delaying iOS 7?

John Gruber, the well-informed force behind Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) blog Daring Fireball, came forth with two bits of information that folks eager for the next generation iPhone or iOS would be interested in.

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First, according to Gruber’s sources, iOS 7 seems to be running behind schedule. To catch up, the company has pulled engineers from their work on OSX 10.9 to focus on the new iOS. Apple has been intending to release the new iOS with the next generation iPhone that is rumored to drop this summer, but AppleInsider is insinuating that the software may not be ready in time for the hardware release.

Additionally, Gruber adds that Jony Ive, the industrial design wizard behind Apple’s iconic hardware aesthetic who has been tapped to oversee iOS design moving forward, has required those with carry privileges to install a polarizing filter, making the screen nearly impossible to see from any direction but head on. Gruber cited “word on the street” for the information, but the rumors hint that iOS 7 might have some significant user interface differences that set it apart from iOS 6.

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Historically, the hardware and software divisions of Apple were typically kept separate from each other, despite the intimate nature that the two would have in the finished product. Once Tim Cook took the helm as CEO, the company vowed to improve inter-department communications, and Jony Ive’s presence in the latest iOS design is a direct result of that. Ive is expected to do away with the current skeuomorphic design aspects in iOS, in favor of a simpler, more streamlined look that more reflects the clean, simple elements of the hardware that’s hosting it.

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