Can Bing Successfully Wage Battle With Google?


While most people are quick to write off Microsoft’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) Internet search tool Bing, Microsoft’s Bing chief Qi Lu is preparing for a battle with Google (NASDAQ:GOOG). Her strategy and goal for Bing? To create a universal platform.

“As we build our product, we’re converting the Bing technology stack into an information platform,” Lu says. This way, Microsoft can begin to integrate Bing into a variety of devices and services. With an eye on the future, Microsoft hopes to use a combination of physical objects — glasses, watches, for example — along with traditional services in order to contextualize a user’s experience.

Microsoft’s Adam Sohn says, “The battle between us and Google is going to be over who can build understanding more quickly to serve people in a much more anticipatory way.” He continues, ”Google’s going to understand every entity on the planet, but the question will be what do you do with that information?”

Soon, Microsoft’s integration of Bing will start to become more ubiquitous. An update to Windows 8, codenamed Windows Blue, will be the first to try. For example, if a user were to search for a movie via Bing, Windows 8 might automatically open an app with the ability to play it.

Xbox will also be a target of Bing implementation. The Xbox 360 has already included Bing integration, while the upcoming Xbox One will allow for Bing integration with voice controls and other features, similar to Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) Siri feature on the iPhone.

Sohn explains that Bing has a great opportunity to experiment with its service, because it does not rely as heavily on advertisements as Google does. ”We can probably be a little bit more disruptive to the search category than they can, or that they’re willing to be,” he says.

Ultimately, Sohn sees Bing as a critical component of Microsoft’s success in the future. He explains, “if we do our job right, we’ll be one of the reasons people wanna buy a Windows device.” While the idea of usurping Google from the title of Internet search king sounds laughable at present, any competition from other sources would likely lead to an increase in innovation, which is always a good thing.

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