Can Google Pull the Rug Out From Under Apple?

The tides may be turning, as the revenue coming in from apps on Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android and Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS are growing closer than ever, leaving app developers with tough decisions to make.

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Mobile advertising specialist Craig Palli of Fiksu told Forbes that iPhone users used to be worth more than double what Android users were worth in terms of revenue generation. But that’s been quickly changing; a year ago, iPhone users were only worth 50 percent more, and now they are more or less equal to Android users.

Google only launched Android a few years ago, and that platform has already soared to become the number one smartphone operating system in the world, with Apple’s iOS trailing some distance behind. However, in the U.S., Apple is still stronger.

The gravity of the situation weighs down most on app developers, who are caught in the middle and have to choose a platform. Since both operating systems now have almost equal revenue-generating potential, the decision is difficult…

Many foreign developers work on apps for Android — with Japan and Korea leading the way — while many U.S. and European Union developers target iOS and dominate that market.

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As it’s vitally important for smartphones to have a winning supply of apps to offer its users, the ability to attract app developers to one platform over another will be pivotal for Apple and Google. If Google can maintain its growth in app revenue, it may quickly become the first target for app developers, leaving Apple lagging behind — an troubling position in the tech industry.

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