Can This Updated App Help Apple Increase Its Direct Sales?

Apple storeApple (NASDAQ:AAPL) will soon be unveiling an updated version of its Apple Store application as part of an overall effort to increase direct sales to customers reports Mark Gurman at 9to5Mac. The redesigned app will debut on Tuesday, July 23.

Earlier this month, 9to5Mac reported that several new Apple Store sales incentive programs were announced at an Apple Retail Store Leaders meeting in San Francisco. It appears that the redesigned Apple Store app is part of this larger direct sales promotion.

The revamped app has an appearance that is more similar to the user interfaces already employed by the iTunes Store, the iBookstore, and the App Store. The app will try to entice more Apple customers to buy content directly from the company by featuring special deals from all the Apple content stores, including some free content for a limited time.

According to 9to5Mac’s sources, Tim Cook stated that only 20 percent of Apple’s customers know about the Apple Store app. In order to boost awareness of this important promotional tool, Apple Store employees are being asked to install the app on any compatible devices that a customer purchases. However, it should be noted that the app is currently only available for the iPhone and the iPod touch.

Gurman notes that the Apple Store app now includes a notification feature that lets users know when they qualify for upgrade pricing on a new iPhone. This feature may help boost the Apple Store’s overall iPhone sales.

According to 9to5Mac, Tim Cook would like to increase retail store sales of the iPhone from a 20 percent share of total iPhone sales to a 50 percent share.  However, a recent analysis from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners via AllThingsD states that this goal may not be attainable due to the low number of Apple Stores in comparison to the total number of carrier retail stores.

Here’s how Apple closed out the week on Friday.


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