Check Out Apple’s Newest Marketing Platform

Apple quietly rolled out a Tumblr campaign for its iPhone 5c. In fact, it’s been so quiet that initial reports were reluctant to say that the technology brand was behind the page because of the company’s traditional aversion to social media marketing.

Currently, a Sponsored Spotlight on the social platform’s design page, as the information provided when a curser hovers over the sponsored logo says “Sponsored by Apple,” it clearly seems to be financed by Apple. A look at the source code using the inspect element option also shows “apple” as a keyword in the meta tags.

The interactive Tumblr page isee5c boldly features the Apple logo and the tagline “Every color has a story,” on a transparent white banner at the top of the page. Nine polka-dotted tiles lay beneath it. Nine tiles, as of Wednesday morning, feature 15-second short videos of moving polka dots and a layer of sound to give the video a setting. After each short video, a title appears.

Apple does have official social media accounts for iBooks, iTunes, the App Store and other software products, but advertising on social media platforms is unheard of by the technology brand that brought users the Mac, the iPhone and the iPad., the online magazine that follows Apple products and campaigns called the new Tumblr campaign, “notable.” The same blog post also noted that Apple’s Q1 reports showed that the iPhone 5c had sold in numbers below projected levels.

The iPhone 5c is a relatively new offering by Apple. The phone is unique in that it is much less pricey than the average iPhone with a 16-gigabyte iPhone 5c selling for $99 or $199 for the 32-gigabyte version. That same $199 cost is the starting price for the iPhone 5s. The iPhone 5c is also available in five colors, which form the color scheme of the Tumblr page. The iPhone 5s comes in three metallic tones.

The campaign seems to be fairly successful so far. It has generated media attention from some high-profile outlets. Adweek and the Los Angeles Times reported on the new campaign when it launched the first weekend in March. Since then, the initial four videos have doubled with the coming soon sign indicating that more of these 15-second videos are in the works.

Among Tumblr users, the videos have more than 19,000 notes collectively for all nine videos. Users are “reblogging”, the Tumblr version of distributing content, and/or liking the content. No follower information is currently displayed on the isee5c page.

All Tumblr sponsored content is in the format as Tumblr posts and blogs because all advertising on Tumblr is “native.” It is created from the same post templates as user-generated content. The catch is that sponsored posts on a user’s dashboard and the featured blogs pages are marked with a little “s” symbol to show that someone paid for that post and its blog or page to exist.

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