Does Apple At Least Have This Edge on the Galaxy S4?

Though it seems Samsung’s (SSNLF.PK) Galaxy S4 might have Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 5 backed into a corner in a lot of regards, there may still be a strength that Samsung hasn’t managed to beat.

Samsung took the lead away from Apple in regard to technical specifications a while ago. Though the Galaxy S3 was released prior to the iPhone 5, a lot of its specs were higher. When the Galaxy S 4 came out, it boosted the specs to even higher levels, stretching the disparity between Samsung’s flagship phones and Apple’s iPhones.

For processors, Samsung takes the cake, with as much a quad-core or eight-core that could easily rival Apple’s iPad tablets and even some high-end laptops. For comparison, the iPhone 5 still features a dual-core processor clocked at 1.2 ghz, the equivalent of the Galaxy S2′s processor. The iPhone 5 might boast a high screen pixel-density — even though it took a step down from the iPhone 4S — but the Galaxy S4 had a higher pixel-density than even Apple’s Retina-display devices. The Galaxy S4 also features more RAM and a higher-megapixel camera…

With Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) and Apple’s app stores becoming nearly even in terms of app quantity, Apple can’t bank on having the best apps as a saving grace anymore. However, with one of the most important aspects about smartphones being their ability to interact with the Internet, Apple may have a very important edge.

Sencha is a company that works heavily in HTML 5, 1 of the latest web standards, and it compared the web experience on the Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5. In some ways, it was a win for both companies and a loss for both.

While the Galaxy S 4 was able to support more HTML 5 features in its main browser, the iPhone 5 was credited as performing better with the features it could support. Sencha claimed that the iPhone 5 offered a better web experience, as it could scroll more smoothly and display content better. Oddly enough, BlackBerry’s (NASDAQ:BBRY) was credited as outperforming both…

Despite Apple topping Samsung in one regard, and Samsung winning in another, the methods for analyzing the two is not so simple.

Sencha’s main comparison considered Samsung’s default browser, whereas Android users have a wide choice of browsers that they can set as a new default browser. Sencha Chief Executive Officer Michael Mullany said that the Galaxy S4 would quickly top the iPhone 5 if Google’s Chrome browser was the one being used, suggesting that Samsung might have a simple weakness in software. While Apple might be in luck that it’s default experience can top Samsung, it still has to contend with Samsung’s higher specs and the fact that a Samsung customer could spend just 1 minute to change to the Chrome browser and come out on top again.