Does New Executive Reflect Netflix’s Growing Influence?

There have been doubts about Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) at every stage of the company’s development, and they will likely follow the company wherever it goes. However, a change is occurring that makes Netflix finally seem to be an essential part of any video lover’s toolkit, and the company is looking to use that power to influence the way consumer electronic systems handle content they stream to viewers’ devices.

The change has come at the executive level, and is in fact a new position, as a post from Gigaom noted. Netflix’s recent SEC filing states Greg Peters will be the Chief Platform/Partnership Officer, moving over from the position of Vice President of Product Development. As the company has more pull with Emmy-nominated series such as “House of Cards,” Netflix may be signalling it can influence the way devices are actually built.

Gigaom’s Janko Roettgers sees the new position as elemental in the company’s development of devices side-by-side with consumer electronics makers. Would a new device be hamstrung by the fact it didn’t integrate Netflix well into its overall list of features? Such a reality is possible only if Netflix can continue to be the must-have for viewers who not only love video content but love original series that can’t be found elsewhere. Its 12 Emmy nominations are certainly a start.

Gigaom report from earlier in the year noted how Netflix had teamed up with YouTube (NASDAQ:GOOG) to make it easier for viewers to control video from their smartphones, in an attempt to match the power of Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) AirPlay. A partnership with Google would be attractive for Netflix on a number of levels. Besides its rivalry with Apple, Google could bring its limited resources to the cause.

By producing such highly regarded series as “House of Cards” and the new season of  ”Arrested Development,” Netflix guaranteed that a huge pool of subscribers would remain on board, while more than one million new users joined the fold to watch. “Orange is the New Black” is yet another popular entry for the company. Netflix is well beyond its app stage and at the point where product developers ought to be engaging the company to make sure its devices are Netflix-ready.

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