Help for Yelp: Apple Maps Improvement

Yelp’s (NYSE:YELP) got some help. And it is coming in the form of improved Apple maps.

Yelp, the consumer review aggregate, whose shares have already been posting impressive increases, is about to get another big boost. The company’s local listings were integrated into Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS operating system for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch last year, and Apple’s plans to refresh its own maps application could provide welcome improvements to Yelp’s service.

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Barrons reports that Wedge Partners’ Brian Blair expects the company to benefit from Apple’s upgrade that will be discussed at its Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco next Monday. Prompted by growth in mobile, Yelp’s stock has already risen 75 percent since its integration into Apple’s iOS operating system, but issues surrounding Apple Maps and its accuracy have significantly undermined Yelp’s usage by iOS users.

However, now that Apple is ready to refresh its map service and improve its efficiency, users will be better equipped to employ Yelp and the Apple Maps features together. According to Blair, fixes could include “public transit directions, improved accuracy of labels and positions, improved directions, better context to local searches, and an announcement of human analysis.”

This new progress comes at a good time for Yelp, as the company is starting to show some concern for the competition Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) could pose after the social network announced its new graph search feature in January. Analysts believe that this could be a big problem for Yelp should the plan come to fruition. Yelp’s financial chief officer, Rob Krolik, has even volunteered his willingness to partner with Facebook in an attempt to eliminate this competition; however, Facebook has shown no signs of any interest in a partnership.

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The success of Facebook’s graph search largely depends on its ability to launch a mobile app, but Yelp is already preparing for its new competition. And Apple’s new improvement could be just what the company needs.

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