Here’s Analysis of Jim Cramer’s April 12th Stock Pick Performance

One of the more colorful and controversial stock market pundits out there is Jim Cramer, of Mad Money fame. Here at Wall St. Watchdog, we update our database with his picks every trading day.

Following are 12 of his picks on April 12th. What do you think about these calls? Some interesting stats for the number crunchers:

  • The median market cap of these 12 stocks is 13.306B.
  • The average market cap is 48.152B.
  • The maximum market cap is 326.4B.
  • The minimum market cap is 2.609B.
  • The median stock is 5.22% off its high and 98.53% off its 52-week low.
  • The average stock is 7.23% off its high and 100.41% off its 52-week low.
  • The best-performing stock has increased 179.63% from its 52-week low.
  • The worst-performing stock has increased only 18.10% from its 52-week low.

12 Of Jim Cramer Calls on April 12th

Company Jim Cramer’s call Exchange:Tciker Price @ 04 25 mkt close Market Cap 52-week high 52-week low % off high % off low
Apple Inc. Buy (NASDAQ:AAPL) $353.01 326.4B 364.90 199.25 3.26% 77.17%
Alcatel-Lucent Sell (NYSE:ALU) $6.22 14.058B 6.35 2.25 2.05% 176.44%
CIENA Corp. Buy (NASDAQ:CIEN) $27.46 2.609B 29.24 11.86 6.09% 131.53%
Cliffs Natural Resources Inc. Buy (NYSE:CLF) $98.19 13.301B 102.48 44.20 4.19% 122.15%
Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. Buy (NYSE:CMG) $272.65 8.485B 289.35 124.00 5.77% 119.88%
Devon Energy Corporation Buy (NYSE:DVN) $88.21 37.666B 93.56 58.58 5.72% 50.58%
Ford Motor Co. Buy (NYSE:F) $15.54 58.783B 18.97 9.75 18.08% 59.38%
F5 Networks, Inc. Sell (NASDAQ:FFIV) $105.71 8.536B 145.76 60.50 27.48% 74.73%
Joy Global, Inc. Buy (NASDAQ:JOYG) $97.50 10.217B 103.44 44.25 5.74% 120.34%
McDonald’s Corp. Buy (NYSE:MCD) $77.13 80.470B 80.94 65.31 4.71% 18.10%
Netflix, Inc. Buy (NASDAQ:NFLX) $251.67 13.311B 254.98 90.00 1.30% 179.63%
Panera Bread Co. Buy (NASDAQ:PNRA) $126.88 3.992B 129.99 72.50 2.39% 75.01%
  • Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL): Apple Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets personal computers and related personal computing and mobile communication devices along with a variety of related software, services, peripherals, and networking solutions. The Company sells its products worldwide through its online stores, its retail stores, its direct sales force, third-party wholesalers, and resellers.
  • Alcatel-Lucent (NYSE:ALU): Alcatel-Lucent manufactures telecommunications equipment, and offers telecommunications services. The Company’s telecommunications equipment and services enable its customers to send or receive virtually any type of voice or data transmission. Alcatel-Lucent designs and builds public and private networks, communications systems and software, and data networking systems.
  • CIENA Corp. (NASDAQ:CIEN): Ciena Corporation develops and markets communications network platforms and software, and offers professional services. The Company’s broadband access, data and optical networking platforms, software tools, and global network services support worldwide telecom and cable/MSO services providers, and enterprise and government networks.
  • Cliffs Natural Resources Inc. (NYSE:CLF): Cliffs Natural Resources Inc. is a diversified mining and natural resources company. The Company mines for iron ore and coal in locations across North America, South America, and Australia.
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (NYSE:CMG): Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. owns and operates quick serve Mexican restaurants. The Company operates restaurants throughout the United States.
  • Devon Energy Corporation (NYSE:DVN): Devon Energy Corporation is an independent energy company that is involved primarily in oil and gas exploration, development and production, the transportation of oil, gas, and NGLs and the processing of natural gas. The Company also has marketing and midstream operations primarily in North America that include gas, crude oil and NGLs.
  • Ford Motor Co. (NYSE:F): Ford Motor Company designs, manufactures, and services cars and trucks. The Company also provides vehicle-related financing, leasing, and insurance through its subsidiary.
  • F5 Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ:FFIV): F5 Networks, Inc. provides integrated Internet traffic management solutions designed to improve the availability and performance of mission-critical Internet-based servers and applications. The Company’s software-based solutions manage, control and optimize Internet traffic and content. F5′s solutions automatically deliver Internet content for service providers and e-businesses.
  • Joy Global, Inc. (NASDAQ:JOYG): Joy Global Inc. manufactures and markets underground mining equipment and surface mining equipment. The Company’s equipment is used for the extraction of ores and minerals.
  • McDonald’s Corp. (NYSE:MCD): McDonald’s Corporation operates and franchises fast-food restaurants worldwide. The Company’s franchised and company operated fast food restaurants offer a variety of low price fast foods in locations around the world.
  • Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX): Netflix Inc. is an online movie rental service. The Company ships DVDs with no due dates or late fees, directly to the subscriber’s address. Netflix also provides background information on DVD releases, including critic reviews, member reviews and ratings, and personalized movie recommendations.
  • Panera Bread Co. (NASDAQ:PNRA): Panera Bread Company owns and franchises bakery cafes. The Company’s bakeries operate under the Panera Bread and Saint Louis Bread Co. names. Panera operates throughout the United States and offers free broadband Wi-Fi network.

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