Here’s How Apple Is Trying to Reboot

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is famous for keeping the media at arm’s length, but the company may finally be beginning to open up and project a friendlier image. The Wall Street Journal argued in a report that recent changes in behavior within the Apple public relations team had suggested that the company’s actions “represent a recognition that competition is heating up.”

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The report noted that the Apple communications staff had begun sending out favorable third-party reports about the company to the media, including a study that predicted its growing acceptance in the enterprise sector. The company has already sent out five reports since the beginning of this year, it said, and last week, when it launched iOS 6.1 — a fairly minor update to its mobile operating system— Apple sent out a full press release.

Changes had been more obvious lately, but they first started after Tim Cook took over the chief executive’s position in late 2011. While Cook has still strived to maintain secrecy around product releases in late co-founder Steve Jobs’ style, the company had definitely been more forthcoming with interviews, etc. “The latest moves represent a recognition that competition is heating up,” the WSJ report said, though it added that despite the changes Apple was still quieter than most other technology companies.

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In addition to growing competition from product rivals such as Samsung (SSNFL.PK), Apple’s stock has also taken a beating off late, falling more than 35 percent since it made a record high of $702.10 last September.

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