Here’s How Jobs Inspired This Billionaire Investor to Dump Apple


While many Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) investors wish that legendary CEO Steve Jobs was still around to run the company, at least one former investor seems to believe that Apple is doomed to fail because of him. Billionaire investor Julian Robertson recently told CNBC how reading a biography about Jobs led to his decision to sell all of his shares in the company.

“I came to the conclusion that it was unlikely that a man as really awful as I think that Steve Jobs was could possibly create a great company for the long term,” Robertson told CNBC. “I just don’t believe bad guys do well in the long run.”

Robertson apparently discovered some troubling flaws in Jobs’s character when he read Walter Isaacson’s biography on the late Apple CEO. The former Tiger Management hedge fund manager said to CNBC that he dumped his stake in Apple in January of this year after reading the book.

“How can you create a great organization of people and be that mean a person? I mean he basically cheated his partner [Steve] Wozniak, he refused to accept the parenthood of his child. … He was really a pretty terrible guy,” Robertson said in this interview with CNBC.

Despite his apparent disgust with Jobs’s behavior, Robertson called him “one of the great geniuses of the world,” and noted that if Jobs were still running Apple, “I’d still be in it.” However, Robertson also believes Jobs is “not the kind of guy I think that would develop a long-standing company.”

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