Here’s What Angry Birds Says About the App Market

Its all about games. If it weren’t, than how could you explains why Angry Birds, one of the best selling products in the short history of the mobile app market, was downloaded over 250 million times in the two years since its release? A recent Nielsen (NYSE:NLSN) Survey that ranked apps by order in which consumer’s were most likely to pay for them found that the large majority of mobile downloaders would be more willing to pay for gaming apps than any other type. 93% of respondents indicated that they would pay cash in exchange for a downloadable game, higher than 87% who said they’d pay for an entertainment app, 84% who’d pay for map/nav apps, and 76% who’d pay for news apps.

Not only do mobile users remain financially loyal to App games, they also spend more time playing them, with average time spent gaming at 7.8 hours, though this varies across phones, with Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS users logging 14 hours of gameplay on a typical month, compared to Research in Motion (NASDAQ:RIMM) Blackberry users who log an avg. 4.5 hours over the same span. Games were also the most popular category of Apps, accounting for 64% of total app downloads in the second quarter this year, even more sought after than weather apps (2nd most downloaded) at 60%, social networking (56%), and music (44%).

Sounds like good news for Zynga (Z) …

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