IDC: Prepare for Increased Tablet Sales

With Google‘s (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android gaining more popularity and acceptance, it’s no surprise that sales are predicted to increase over the next four years. Apple‘s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPad popularity doesn’t seem to be wavering, and predictions call for its continued sales increase. Even Microsoft‘s (NASDAQ:MSFT) Windows-based devices are expected to make a rise in the tablet market.

All these increases just seemed so attractive that even the people making the predictions wanted to have some increases. So, the folks at IDC raised their previous predictions for tablet shipments over the next 4 years. They upped their predictions for product shipments by 5 million units for 2012, by 6.5 million units for 2013, and by 21.3 million units in 2016. This brings the totals to 122.3 million units, 172.4 million units, and 282.7 million units for the three respective years.

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While the new numbers from IDC for 2012 are now higher than Gartner’s prediction of 118 million units it made back in April, Gartner still has higher estimates for 2013, at 182.4 million units, and 2016, at a staggering 369.2 million units. Differences in the estimates may come from IDC looking at all shipped tablet products while Gartner is exclusively looking at products shipped to end-users, though that would make it seem Gartner’s predictions should be lower than IDC’s.

IDC’s estimates also predict Android and iOS losing some of their market share through 2016 as Windows-based devices are expected to rise to claim 10.3 percent of the market share.

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