iOS 6.1: Apple’s Most Popular Update Yet?

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) launched its most recent software update, iOS 6.1, on Monday, and according to the data miners at Onswipe, almost 22 percent of the approximately 13 million iOS users have already updated their systems. This could be the fastest adoption rate for an update in Apple’s history. iOS 6 boasted an adoption rate of about 15 percent within the first 24 hours, and took just more than a month to go over 60 percent.

Crunching the numbers on Apple’s various iOS devices, updates for the iPhone came in first at 23.92 percent of users. The iPad came in second at 20.90 percent. This data, of course, only includes those iOS users tracked by Onswipe, but even this small sliver should give us a good idea of the new update’s popularity.

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Onswipe CEO Jason Baptiste believes the higher numbers are the result of greater familiarity with the over-the-air update system that debuted in 2011 with iOS 5, allowing users to cut out iTunes as the middleman and instead directly update their phones or tablets. iOS users were also issued an alert when the update was available that popped up on the screens of their devices, directing them to make the update, thus making sure all iOS users were at least aware of the update.

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