Is Apple Love a Dangerous Thing?

Michael Yoshikami of Destination Wealth Management has warned Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) investors from falling in love with the company’s stock, warning that a reactionary buy or sell act may turn out to be a costly mistake.

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“I recognize Apple is a slightly different company and has built up a loyal following as Steve Jobs sought to change the world; I get that,” Yoshikami wrote in a post for “But remember that investing in a stock tends not to be a symbolic activity for most investors but instead solely designed to make money. A stock like Apple we believe will provide investors with that opportunity. But it is a mistake to become overly infatuated with any name lest one repeats the mistakes from the dot com bubble. Falling in love with a portfolio asset can have huge negative ramifications.”

As far as Apple’s future was concerned, Yoshikami was of the opinion that it was a reasonable investment in which profit must be taken as needed. “We like the [Apple] name and believe their business prospects suggest a higher price despite recent downward pressure,” the money manager wrote. “With improving economies around the world, we believe Apple is poised to continue to capture a significant share of technology spending related to consumer devices.”

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Yoshikami concluded that while he believed Apple was a long-term proposition with good appreciation potential based on its expanding emerging market presence and product cycle, there was much to gain from not making investing decisions on emotional reactions. “Buy high and sell low on the long-term (unless you are a short interest investor) is a losing proposition,” he wrote.

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