Is Apple’s Passbook About to Get Even Bigger?

passbook appleIs Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) Passbook feature about to become even more popular? Skycore, a mobile marketing and developer support firm, has recently expanded its services with a new option that gives users another method for delivery of their Passbook passes. This new tool allows developers to deliver Passbook passes across carriers by MMS, or Multimedia Messaging Service.

Passbook was first introduced on iOS 6 and quickly became a popular way for companies to distribute coupons or other customer rewards. Apple Insider notes that Discover (NYSE:DFS) uses Passbook to deliver cardholder rewards, while American Airlines uses the feature to store boarding passes. Several Major League Baseball stadiums also allow users to redeem their tickets using Passbook. The feature is also often used for storing virtual movie tickets and gift cards.

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After connecting to Skycore’s SaaS, or “Software as a service” platform, the user can securely download their passes to their iPhone’s messaging inbox. The passes can then be transferred to their Passbook. Users can even have their passes delivered to a device powered by Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android platform. Skycore will automatically detect if a user is using an Android-based phone and will offer to store the passes in PassWallet, the Android version of Passbook.

Via MarketWire, Skycore CEO Rich Eicher notes the advantages that MMS delivery has over mobile-based email delivery. “A number of clients expressed concerns about relying on just their apps to deliver passes, especially for tickets, coupons, gift cards, and IDs. While mobile-optimized email is a good option, MMS is ideal because the recipient instantly knows when they’ve received it, and they don’t need to open their email client to find the pass,” states Eicher.

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Skycore currently supports MMS Passbook delivery to customers on the AT&T (NYSE:T), Sprint (NYSE:S), T-Mobile (TMUS), and Verizon (NYSE:VZ) networks.  Here’s how Apple stock has traded so far this week.


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