Is Intel Planning Apple’s Mac Update?

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) may have been careful about not letting anything out about refreshing its MacBook line this year, but processor maker Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) obviously doesn’t share its penchant for secrecy. On Monday at the Consumer Electronics Show, Intel showed off several upcoming processors from the company, including Haswell fourth-generation Core series CPUs likely manufactured with Apple’s MacBook line in mind. Intel has used new silicon that significantly improves battery life — up to 9 to 13 hours of continuous on-the-go use.

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Intel’s Kirk Skaugen said this version of the Core processors was also the first to be designed specifically for the Ultrabook project. “We expect the tremendous advancements in lower-power Core processors, and the significant ramp of touch-based systems will lead to a significant new wave of convertible Ultrabooks and tablets that are thinner, lighter and, at the same time, have the performance required for more human-like interaction such as touch, voice and gesture controls,” Skaugen said, according to Apple Insider.

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Apple is in no way related to Intel’s Ultrabook — which is supposed to be the Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) Windows response to the MacBook Air. That means that it is unlikely to incorporate in its computers the touchscreen technology Skaugen talks about, but a product refresh is still expected to come around the middle of the year.

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