Is This Enough Profit to Keep Apple App Developers Happy?

us pennyForbes has done a bit of number-crunching and reveals that the average Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) app download earns its developers a mere 17.5 cents, including in-app purchases, and $9,000 over its lifetime. (This, post-Apple’s announcement of reaching 40 billion downloads.) But that’s the mean — what’s really going on is that a select few apps are making the majority of the money (read: millions and millions of dollars), and most aren’t making anything at all.

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Or as Forbes puts it, “Even most paid apps (sorry, those that developers desire people to pay for or make in-app purchases from) will be, at that $9,000 mean revenue number, losing money. All of which is great for us consumers: we have people spending their money providing us with things. But not so good for those looking to write apps, of course.”

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