Is This How Apple Will Shine?

A recent InformationWeek survey reveals that over 80 percent of laptop, desktop, or mobile device decision-makers polled currently or plan to use Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhones or iPads for enterprise purposes. More specifically, 85 percent currently or plan to support iPhones, 90 percent support iPads, and 87 percent of those in support give the aforementioned devices high grades for satisfaction.

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InformationWeek polled 331 laptop, desktop, or mobile device decision-makers and 243 end users to determine how and where Apple gear is being used in the enterprise. One discovery worth noting is that Apple’s computers — those running its OS X software — are making inroads at enterprises, thanks to Apple’s hugely popular iOS devices.

But the survey also pointed out some real negatives.  Sixty-four percent of respondents did not currently have an Apple server, and 45 percent complained that Apple devices were too expensive for what they bring to the table. Other complaints included poor upgradability and poor to unacceptable enterprise security and device management.

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Lorna Garey, InformationWeek content director, explains, “Our survey results point to a real opportunity for Apple to gain footing in the enterprise. The next 6-18 months will be the real test: will Apple take the necessary steps to further penetrate this market, or will it remain primarily a creator of consumer-class devices?”

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